Cardiofy's Customer Testimonials

A couple of years ago, the doctors detected 3 major blockages in my sister's arteries. They told her that she needed a surgery. While browsing on the Internet, we found a herbal supplement as an alternative called Cardiofy. We then began the treatment for my sister. After six months, the obstruction subsided and disappeared. We are now purchasing them again for another person who is in the same condition.

We recommend this product because we experienced the positive changes in my sister. The doctors are still shocked and could not find an explanation to what has happened. This company that distributes the herbal supplements is very serious, payment transactions are secure, and prompt response are given. It will be an excellent investment.

Ramiro S - San Jose, Costa Rica

Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

Yes my name is Lloyd. My wife's name is Margaret. Margaret has been sick for a short while. She had about 3 heart attacks. And we belief in using herbal remedies. My attention was drawn to Cardiofy from India Herbs. And we ordered straight away and started using it. From the very first week, I noticed that my wife was very sick, she was very weak. She could not have done much around the place. She could not have even moved around the house well. Most times she was in bed and was not very active at all. But after about 6 months of using Cardiofy, less than 6 months, Margaret was up and started being around the house and helping with the chores. Today and after about 8 months of using Cardiofy, she was feeling very well.  She's now doing lots of chores in the house. She has regained her health to a reasonably good amount and she's very active and helping out with the chores and doing all things. Right now, she washes all the clothes, she cooks the meals, she cleans the house. Of course sometimes, she gets a little tired but that's expected of a heart patient. She's very happy a person who brings a lot of laughter and smile to the house. And all this had disappeared before we started using this very wonderful drug. Cardiofy has really helped my wife, it has helped my family, and we are very happy. We pledge to continue using this drug because of the marked results we have seen. We thought we would have lost her but Thank God that she is still with us today. We are very thankful to India Herbs for making this supplement and making it available to people around the globe. And ofcourse we encourage persons who suffer similar conditions who experience similar situations like Margaret to go on to using Cardiofy because it is very very helpful as we have observed with our own self. Thank you.

Margaret (age 56) - Guyana

My name is Maria Helena Carneiro. I live in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. And I have been taking the Cardiofy, Ayurtox for about a year now. And I have been feeling a wonderful improvement.

My blood pressure which was always very high, is now being normal thank to this supplement. My cardiac problems has stabilized, I no longer take so many drugs as I used to, I am above all saving a lot of money with this as my prescribed medicines were very expensive. And I continue to keep taking the supplements for the heart, blood and detoxification as I have been taking, and above all keep feeling as good as I am now. On top of these supplements, I also take ClariMind as I was having a serious problem with memory loss, and I was forgetting people's name, I was forgetting what I was suppose to do, sometimes I had an appointment and I had to make notes not to forget, but I forget where I placed my notes. So I had transformed my life in a very serious concern, as I could not have a normal routine as everyone does.

So I had transformed my life in a very serious concern, as I could not have a normal routine as everyone does. But I have taken so many medications, medications prescribed by doctors, friends, and nothing helped me. But when I came across with the supplement ClariMind and Ayuverdic treatment. I ordered it and started taking it and immediately felt the benefits, of course I still have some memory loss but comparing to how it used to be before taking ClariMind, I am very good now. I recommend it to everyone that is suffering like me to use these products.

Maria Helena - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Hi, my name is Paul Russell. I am calling in reference to Cardiofy. I used Cardiofy for approximately 2 months. Cardiofy is designed to lower blood pressure. And "boy howdy" does it lower blood pressure! My blood pressure was like ... where ... the top was like 199. That seems like too high. Anyways it was very, very high on the top. And very, very ... it was high on the top and high on the bottom.

Anyways after I started taking Cardiofy, this was AMAZING to me! I was having a blood pressure of let's see... the top was 146 over about 80, 83, 82. And it was like 195 to 200 on the top and on the bottom was very high like 99.  It was not good. And I did not want to go see a doctor because I did not want to be on prescription type of medication for blood pressure. I want something natural. And Cardiofy works. It really works! I am absolutely convinced because I use it and it worked on me and I would recommend it for anyone. 

And I know I'm stating this again but it works! And anyone that uses this will discover that this product will lower their blood pressure with no side effects and it really does the job! Like I said my name is Paul Russell and the product is called Cardiofy. Wish you well and I hope this convinces other people to use Cardiofy. Bye, bye!

Paul (age 62) - Idaho, USA

My name is Hans. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. I've been one of the lucky ones to be found India Herbs on the Internet - the website. Plus I received some advertising. I had a heart attack about 8 years ago and I tried a number of products during that period of time to strengthen my heart and to make me feel better hopefully.

I then started taking Cardiofy approximately a year and a half ago. Took a 6 month supply. Within 3 months, I went back and saw my Cardiologist. My ejection fraction went from 18 to almost 40! And she was ecstatic and so was I! It lifted me up. I felt more energized. And my breathing has improved because my heart functions were up.

And then I ran out of the product. I tried to reorder and there were some shipping situations to North America. And I noticed then that my level of health decreased. I went back on it again and it really proved the fact that this product works for me - the Cardiofy.

I'd only recommend to anyone that has any heart condition to give this a test drive for a minimum of 6 months. I'm sure you'll be grateful for the benefits. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thank you.

Hans (age 67) - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My name is Noah. I want to give an audio testimonial about Cardiofy. Product of India Herbs that I have taken for four months now. The initial problem was high blood pressure, constant headache, chest pain and back pain.

I came across this product on the internet, I give it a trial. Now, I have taken the product for four months, and I have seen very good improvement in my health condition.

Month after month, I discovered that this headache that I have is reducing gradually and the back pain as well, but I want to complete in at least six months. I've just placed order for another two months supply, which I hope to be arriving soon, then it will complete six months that I've been taking it.

Cardiofy has been very good herbal product, and I think it is very good. Thank you very much.

Noah (age 38) - Rivers State, Nigeria

My name is Phile. I’m living in Netherlands. I have Cardiofy and Kama Raja. I started taking two pills, one in the morning, one in the evening, for about a month or a month and a half.

I saw the site on the internet and I begin to read and according to the information, it was very.. very good, I mean, for your health. Especially for blood pressure, for your heart and how you can get maximum blood circulation into your system.

So the positive effects are having a good blood pressure, is reduced, and one thing more is that you get a good blood circulation through your whole body. And it helps really a lot. I haven’t stopped taking in the supplement yet, still continue taking it and I think the long-term effect would be better than the western medicine, because there is a lot of aggressive. It’s quite okay. Thank you.

Theophile (age 47) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi, Good Day. This is Sylvester. Living in the United States. I bought the Ayurstate, the Kama Raja and the Sukraja and all three products are very very good. Before I started using it I have problems with my prostate. The products are excellent. I will recommend anyone for these products. This is not a joke testimony and I'm telling you exactly how it works for me. Very good. Actually I just reordered. I just made an order and reordered more stuff. The same set I ordered I reordered it plus two other sets, the detox and the Cardiofy for the heart and Yogic Slim. Since these products are so good I ordered more other stuffs to check it out and as always give a testimonial on the other stuffs when I try it. But so far, it's very very good. I'll recommend anyone to get it. So thanks a lot and I'll keep you all informed or you could give me a call putting in to this testimonial. Thank you and Bye.

Sylvester (age 52) - New York, USA

Hello, my name is Irena. My husband was quite ill with his heart tribulation and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

We were recommended to start to use Cardiofy by our sister-in-law. She ordered this Cardiofy for us and my husband started to use it now maybe one year and a half.

And I can see there are some changes in his health, there is an improvement that he has lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure and I can see that he feels better, that he is in good health condition.

And I would like to recommend this Cardiofy to some friends, that also have a same problem with their heart. I think it's a very good product and should be used as a supplement to or drink with meals. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

Wife: Irena (age 49) - Slovakia, Slovak Republic

Hi, my name is Dale. Before I started taking Cardiofy, I had side effects like bloody nose, upset stomach, blurred vision, that the doctors had ordered the meds for me.

I didn't like this, so I contacted this company over the Internet. So before taking this, I was very miserable. Then while I was have been taking Cardiofy, I feel much better... I feel like a new person. And after taking this, it lasts about maybe four, three, four months, for to build up in my body.

Very greatful, very thankful for Cardiofy. I said that it is terrific supplement for me, and it's a natural way without any side effects. So, thank you very much!

Dale (age 80) - Wisconsin, USA

Hi, my name is Gurnam. I am using this ah.. Cardiofy product from last year. I think, over six months. I have a lot of big problems with my high-blood pressure and cholesterol and triglycerides, artery clogged up, or..too many problems.

So since I’m using the Cardiofy, my high-blood pressure go down like normal. Like right now, it’s 130/85, 120/85, something like that, before it was 160/100. So, it worked pretty good. I ordered Cardiofy five boxes today. Thank you, Bye.

Gurnam (age 43) - California, USA

Yes my name is Nimesh. And I placed order for Cardiofy. And it works for me. I had my cholesterol reduced by almost 50 points in two months. And that's why I'm ordering again. So I'm ordering again like another two box. That's it. If any questions, just give me a call. Thanks, bye.

Nimesh (age 41) - Pennsylvania, USA

Hello, my name is Max, I just log it to to say and leave a note testimonial that the cardiofy it working fine for me. I am..I just started less a month ago, although I have taking double dosage but my blood pressure has come down, and it's pretty much in a normal range now. So I hope I will continue that way, probably may be able to decrease slowly to the original suggested dosage. Thank you and have a nice day. Goodbye.

Max (age 73) - Hawaii, USA

My name is Julie, I ordered Cardiofy since June of this year, both my dad neither me taking it, we both have high blood pressure, and my father has in giant pain as well, he has a block coronary arteries. He's been able to take lessen...his natural clots of tablets and he's feeling better. And I myself have been able to come out with my blood pressure medication, I think it Cardiofy. Bye bye.

Julie (age 45) - Washington, USA

Samuel. I just want to say that I'm very much impressed with the product from India Herbs. I've been using Cardiofy for some time, about a month now and I've seen improvement. I just began to use the Ayurtox for body detox. This is my first week and I'm looking to see a great more improvement. I'm happy with this product. Thank you very much. Bye.

Samuel (age 45) - New York, United States

Translated Using Google Translate:

Hi, my name is Carmen Meza of Venezuela, I will attest to the benefits they have had in my India Herbs products. I decided on Ayurvedic medicine because I have more than 30 years suffering from illness, taking traditional medicines very expensive and produce on me numerous collateral damage.

Until now, chemicals have damaged my digestive system: suffer any chronic Gastropathy due to acidity pills, muscular dystrophy due to injections. Realizing that I did not improve, but with time my condition has been getting worse to the point of heart attack, and laying prostrate in the bed he could not lift at all, so I decided to try this type of medicine.

The experience has been wonderful. Cardiofy that I am taking for the last 5 months with the Ayurtox for detoxification of the many chemicals that I took before. And this has led me to be so happy that I did not hesitated to place an order again .My doctor, after my recent laboratory reports has found me in a great shape, he also told me I was better than him. So I do not doubt, by these results, to recommend it to anyone.

All, all those people who, like me, that have passed so many years of illness, You should try this. You will not really regret it because this is not a publicity, I do not get paid for this, I'm doing because I am really convinced, because I experienced in my own person and has given me great results and am very happy and grateful that this exists, this alternative to give us a better quality of life. Thank you.

Carmen (age 62) - Miranda, Venezuela

Translated Using Google Translate:

My name is Daniel, from Argentina and I am 42 years old. I started taking Cardiofy in January 2010 and noted the excellent results for some tests in April 2010.

I started to take Cardiofy due to the heart problem that I had, and most notable result was the strength that I had, which is the force of the heart. Only four months, I did a study which shows the strength of my heart. I am having spent 38% in January to 50% in April of that year for my heart strength. I recommend it because it was very effective.

Daniel (age 42) - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Both my wife and i suffered heart attacks. My wife's was recent. Approx three months ago. The doctors told her that she has three blockages and need surgery. She is scared and I'm sympathetic. She is five months younger than i am, and i really love her. We have been married 35 years now and have three kids 34, 20, and 18. I came in contact with herbal remedies locally from Dr. Veerasammy Ramayyah. He treats us with Hawthorne berry, Turmeric and Bitter Aloe. This is not enough, so I decided to do my own research and came upon Cardiofy. I check first the credibility of your site and some other facts for confirmation in my mind. I am satisfied.

wife's face had become dark and dry. We were both feeling drained of energy but I still have to work. She could not do any work around the home. Four days we have been using cardiofy. Her face has become clear, bright, oily, and younger supple looking. Our energy level soared. She do lots of work around the home now including lifting our 20 pounds eight months old grandson and cooking and washing and most of all she is out of bed all day every day now. We are not feeling sickly anymore. We are both experiencing a rapid increase in our metabolic rate and a sudden surge of energy. We just feel a little tired at the end of the day but not as tired as we used to feel. Generally we are feeling good. Our chest pains have not returned, and this means no GTN anymore. Our blood pressure has normalized. We were using Naturalix but since we started using Cardiofy we have not used Naturalix anymore. We know that the damage done to us by our life still will take time to be reversed but we are confident. We are prepared to use Cardiofy for the rest of our lives if that is what it takes to correct this sordid condition.

We love you all at India Herbs.

Kindest regards.


I wanted to give you my testimony about what India Herbs have done for me. 

I have been using Cardiofy 7 months. I tried Cardiofy because the I was diagnosed with a total Cholesterol of 465 in October 2006 and the Cholesterol lowering drugs I was using made me feel nauseous and dizzy. When I had my Cholesterol check in last month it was down to 207.  Cardiofy lowered my Cholesterol by more then half of what it was.

I started using Joint Mender at about the same time. I have had joint pain all of my life that prevented me from walking very far.  I used to get teased as a child because the pain prevented me from participating in sports. Within a couple weeks after starting to take Joint Mender I was able to walk without pain and I am now up to walking 30 minutes pain free. This has helped me lose 25 pounds of excess body weight and I feel a lot better.

Finally I started using Immunice a couple months ago because I had frequent infections. I usually keep an upper respiratory infection throughout the entire winter. I also have been bothered with frequent urinary tract infections. These both have cleared up and are no longer a problem. In addition, my athlete's foot has cleared up completely. I like not having to go to the doctor every couple weeks.

Thank You for putting together some amazing products that have greatly improved the quality of my life.


I have been using your Cardiofy herbal supplement and it has working well. I am now in the 5th week and the effects of this herbal remedy have been as anticipated in your literature.

I expect to be in touch with you to advise the results.

I take this opportunity to confirm my interest in becoming an affiliate of your company. Please let me have as much information as possible in connection with this possibility.

Best Regards,


My name is Juan Camilo Hernandez. I am 59 years old. I have two coronary Stens and I suffer from Tachycardia. Six months ago, I started taking Ayurgold and Cardiofy. They reduced and stabilized my cholesterol and triglycerides levels, in addition to normalizing my heart rate.

Juan Camilo Hernandez (age 59) - Florida, USA

My name is Richardo and I have been using Ayurstate for about 4 years, with very good results and improvements in my prostate problems. After I started using Cardiofy because I had some a heart problem and I also felt relieved. Now, I'm going to start the treatment with Kamaraja and hope to have similar results than the previous treatments.

Ricardo D S - Bogota, Colombia